Content Design for Gaming Consulting Company
This project consisted on redefining the content design strategy for a Gaming Consulting company. The first part of the process was Research, the discovery phase: understanding what was the assignment, identifying who are our users, what they want and need, when to reach them, which channels and language they use and what should be communicated.
The business is focused on B2B clients, so the users are usually executives from companies interested in gamification strategies that find the service through search engines (mostly Google). Most of the interactions happen during business working hours, through desktop computers with broadband internet. 
With this information we could identify the User needs, which was to increase engagement, productivity and/or promote learning activities with gamification strategies. We also knew which Channel to focus on (website optimised for Desktop) and decide on the Journey Mapping, establishing where and when each piece of communication should take place. The next step was to set Language and Emotion, finding a balance between a more formal B2B communication and a trendy service from a gaming company. Done with the discovery phase, now I was ready to Create Content! Keeping it simple and straight to the point and packed in a one-page scrolling page, the website was divided in 5 parts: Home, About Us, Services, Resources, Contact.
My task was to redesign "About Us", "Services" and "Resources". The original content was created in Portuguese, so I translated it to English as I show images of the published content. 

1 - "Home" displays the company logo, its motto and a "call to action" prompt:
"We gamify your business. Increase your processes engagement and performance: Talk to Us"
2 - "About Us" displays "Our History", "Our Vision" and "Technology". 
"Our History: We are a team dedicated to transforming companies' corporate processes into engaging experiences through games and gamification.Our specialties are software engineering, agile development and creating emotionally engaging experiences."

"Our Vision: Our focus is to engage people, promote learning and increase productivity through fun. We believe that gamification can guarantee better results for a company's goals, making the work routine become a fun learning process."

"Technology: We work with state-of-the-art tools and technologies on the market to ensure the most suitable gamification for your process. All this integrated with the features and benefits of gamification."
3 - "Services" displays text and an infographic.​​​​​​​
"Gamebee offers gamification services for corporate processes, which aim to increase the engagement, performance and retention of the people involved. We believe that gamification can impact any type of business process." 
4 - "Resources" contains 6 elements displayed on a horizontal carousel menu: 
4.1 - Customization
"Fully customisable avatar! 👤✍
Users have several features to customize the appearance of their character. In addition to making the game more fun, customising the avatar also increases user engagement with the proposed activity."
4.2- Stimulating Challenges
"Tailor-made challenges to motivate participants! 😲💭
Good challenges inspire and motivate users to dedicate themselves to achieving the goal. The degree of difficulty of the activities is balanced, thus maintaining the user's interest and engagement."
4.3 - Ranking
"Encourage healthy competition! 😄🏆
A ranking system can be a great motivating factor: both to create competitions between teams and users, and for users to struggle to improve their own brands."
4.4 - Award 
"Reward the user for their performance! 😊🎁
Awards encourage participants to challenge themselves more and more to complete the tasks, stimulating their engagement and illustrating their progress."
4.5 - Difficulty level 
"Difficulty adjusted progressively! 👾🔧
The difficulty level is adjusted for each challenge, allowing the user to learn step by step and prepare for the next stages. If the challenge is too easy, the user ends up getting bored. If it is too difficult, you can become discouraged and abandon the activity. This dynamic ensures the commitment and motivation of the user throughout their journey."
4.6 - Instant Feedback

"Immediate assessment of personal performance! 🤓📊
The user can evaluate their performance and check their mistakes and successes, knowing then which points must be improved to achieve their goal. The activity owner can also access the results to assess the performance of participants and the activity."
5 - "Contact" displays a message and a contact form.​​​​​​​
"Let's talk?To schedule a conversation with us, fill in the form with your details and we will contact you shortly."